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The Hubrin were an ancient civilization that existed within the Milky Way Galaxy, occupying territory at point is the Alpha or Beta Quadrants.


The main history of the Hubrin is unknown, other that they exist as a brotherhood and that they have been at war against the Metar for millennia. The Hubrin were on the verge of total defeat due to the ability of the Metar Race to adapt at will when encountering new aggressors, thus they created the first Anomaly Device which created the original area of Anomaly Space, known as Tabula Rasa. It seemed that both the Hubrin and the Metar would remain in stasis forever, had it not been for the Romulans testing the Shiva Weapon in the Neutral Zone. It was also through the creation of the first Anomaly that the Hubrin discovered the Metar's main weakness; the reliance on the ambient energies of normal space.

When the Anomaly was opened because of the Shiva Disaster, the Hubrin were encountered by the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire on the planet Orgolio, where the Hubrin abducted a few crew members from the three factions for investigation, while also being initially hostile towards them. However, when the Metar Crisis took full effect, the Hubrin proposed a truce with the Federation, Klingons and Romulans, implying that they hold the key to victory over the Metar. They also revealed that, after the Tarikon 8 Disaster, the instinct of the Romulans by creating a superweapon was right, but their actions were being misguided. After gathering the required minerals on the planet Lupercal Straits, the construction of the Anomaly Device could begin. After setting up the containment field to limit the effects of the device, the entire Tabula Rasa was sealed up again after detonation.

In one final communication message directed to the Federation, one Hubrin said that the Brotherhood regarded the Federation as their most worthy allies during the co-operation. The fate of the Hubrin after the crisis remains unknown.


The Hubrin Brotherhood makes use of only one type of tank, which has a forward mounted disruptor-like weapon. This weapon has a very long range, has a decent rate of fire, but the bullets themselves are also very powerful and are extremely fast, making it near-impossible to avoid them. Most of the time, the Hubrin Tanks engage an enemy one at a time, but they can also be encountered in groups of two and three, as observed by the Federation on Durac Iota.

The only other thing that is present of the Hubrin is their purple floating fortress, encountered on several planets by the Klingons, Romulans and the Federation. It too has disruptors mounted in the three main sections of the fortress itself, being even stronger and having a greater rate of fire than the Hubrin Tank itself. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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