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This page details Hugh Culber in the primary universe; for the Hugh Culber in the mirror universe see Hugh Culber (mirror).
"One tends to worry when they're doomed to love a brilliant but reckless maniac who's willing to risk his life for glory."
Hugh Culber to Paul Stamets, 2256[src]

Lieutenant Commander Hugh Culber is a 23rd century Human man and Starfleet officer. In the 2250s decade Culber served as a physician aboard the USS Discovery.


Culber was married to engineer Paul Stamets, who was also stationed on board Discovery as chief engineer. (DSC episode: "Choose Your Pain", et al.)

Ash Tyler went to Culber after a series of nightmares which had been memories of his surgery. Realizing that the man before him was not who he seemed to be, Culber attempted to relieve Tyler of duty. However the confrontation caused Voq's memories to reawaken and Voq snapped Culber's neck, apparently killing him. (DSC episode: "Despite Yourself")

Or so it seemed. Having discovered Culber while still connected to the mycelial network, Stamets held Culber's body, drawing his husband's still present life energy into the mycelial plane. In 2257 the jahSepp May Ahearn and others of her species were able to place Culber into a cocoon in their realm, which transported his energy back to the other cocoon in the physical universe. When Culber's life energy arrived in the cocoon in the physical universe, the cocoon transformed into Culber's physical body, resurrecting him.

After his resurrection, Culber was taken to sickbay where he underwent extensive scans, which revealed that he was apparently healthy. (DSC episode: "Saints of Imperfection")

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