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Huranzi was a star with an associated star system, located in the Ferenginar sector of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. Huranzi was a white star with pronounced protuberances. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Of Signs and Portents")

History and specifics

Kentar, the innermost planet in the system, spawned the Kentari and Lukari species. The Lukari left in the Great Exodus after losing the civil war with their Kentari forebears, and classified the location of their former homeworld. (STO - New Frontiers missions: "Echoes of Light", "Of Signs and Portents")

Circa 2311, the Kentari abandoned the system when their homeworld succumbed to pollution and became uninhabitable. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Of Signs and Portents")

The system was the target in the Tzenkethi Crusade in 2410, and subsequently explored by the Lukari Concordium and the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. The LSS Reskava recognised Kentar as the long-lost Kentari-Lukari homeworld. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Of Signs and Portents")

The Lukari returned with the Reskava to terraform Kaalat, Kentar's third moon. (STO - Reckoning mission: "A Message from the Lukari V")

System makeup

The contained two planets, separated by an asteroid belt, and at least three moons.

Huranzi system primary star



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