Hus-24 drydock was a large Federation-sanctioned space station operational in the 23rd century.

Specifics Edit

The installation was an independent orbital drydock and shipyard where Starfleet starships and other vessels could be repaired. It operated commercially, with Starfleet vessels paying for services such as repairs, maintenance, refueling and resupply. In 2274, slip 3 was capable of berthing an Enterprise-class refit starship.

The drydock was located 140 kilometers above the surface of the planet Hus-24, and was operated by non-aligned Husians. It was considered the Federation's most remote repair facility.


Prior to 2264, James T. Kirk visited Hus-24 and the drydock.

In February 2274, Kirk chose to complete the USS Enterprise's mandated biannual maintenance duty at the drydock. Hikaru Sulu piloted the ship next to recently arrived Constitution-class USS Venture, and both crews spent shore leave on the planet. After Kirk and Spock settled their accounts, however, the dockmaster stunned them with a phaser and abducted both starship crews. Husians tried to take the Enterprise out of drydock, but the helm was secured with a password. After their conspiracy was foiled, the Husians were set to be tried for kidnapping. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")




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