The Husians were a humanoid species native to the planet Hus-24. They were a technically proficient but uncreative people. They operated the Hus-24 drydock, the most distant of Federation-sanctioned facilities.


Husian culture had no original arts, music or literature, which earned them a reputation for being boring. They lacked personal initiative. They could fight, but were not warriors. Their spiritual leader was Edrem.

Biology Edit

Husians averaged about four feet tall. They were bald, with a flattened head of a brown to grayish complexion. They seemed not to have any distinguishing facial characteristics. Because their eyes were so different from those of Humans, some of them found it difficult to read human facial expressions.


Prior to 2264, Husians put the Hus-24 drydock into operation. James T. Kirk visited the facility and Hus-24 itself prior to assuming command of the USS Enterprise.

In February 2274, when the Enterprise docked for its biannual maintenance duty, Husian technicians aboard the drydock worked efficiently to complete repairs. When Edrem launched a conspiracy to steal the Enterprise and USS Venture, Husians effectively used anesthesia gas on both crews. But Edrem's people lacked the foresight to research how to operate their stolen vessels, leaving them unable to overcome barriers like a security password. Edrem's people were well-armed but uncoordinated while guarding prisoners. Captain Morgan Avery suspected that Edrem might have used hypnosis to manipulate his people, because they surrendered quickly despite having an overwhelming advantage in firepower. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")

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