The Husnock Star Kingdom was a interstellar nation of the Husnock located in the Alpha Quadrant.


In the year 2366, the Husnock Star Kingdom was a thriving nation of 50 billion Husnock.

The Husnock discovered the existence of the United Federation of Planets after one of their starships discovered the distant colony world of Delta Rama IV and wiped out its populace. Seeing the Federation as classically weak, the Kingdom planned to launch further attacks.

However, before any plans were made, one vengeful member of the immortal Douwd who had been living on Delta Rana in disguise as the Human Kevin Uxbridge turned his anger toward the Husnock for killing his Human wife. A mere thought rendered the entire species on fire, killing 50 billion instantly. (TTN novel: Fortune of War)


The Husnock Star Kingdom was ruled by a monarchy.
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By 2366, the current regime had conquered and colonized a dozen worlds in the past twenty cycles. (TTN novel: Fortune of War)

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