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The Hutet-class planetary assault ship was a large Cardassian warship used in the 24th century.

They were registered as a class 5 starship and measured 1,640 meters in length. (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)

History and features[]

The Hutet was originally developed in light of the Klingon blockade upon their war against Cardassia in order to restore Cardassian offensive capabilities and pride. Specifically, it was created to allow Cardassia to maintain an expansionist foreign policy without having to rely on Terok Nor-type space stations or the already overstreched Galor- and Keldon-class ships. Construction was greenlighted after the blockade was lifted and the Cardassian alliance with the Dominion was secured which allowed the Union to make use of advanced structural integrity fields to enhance the hull of the ship.

A Hutet-class vessel was a massive starship, capable of carrying a total of 475 crew, and the largest starship in use at the time of the Dominion War. It made use of Dominion technology to create a short term self repair system that would function during battle to fix critical systems. Its most feared weapons were its infamous "Big Wave" disruptor guns, two of which were equipped on the front of the vessel and one to the rear, which were capable of causing continental damage. In addition to these, it possessed an additional eight long spiral wave disruptors as well as numerous torpedo launchers.

Furthermore, to assist the large craft in its rebellion suppression duties, the Hutet was capable of maintaining a small fleet of Class 1 and Class 2 ships. This made it capable of its primary role of long term assaults against moderately defended systems allowing it to disperse large numbers of troops along with equipment far away from any supporting facilities.



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