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The Hybrid class vessel was a type of starship that was made as a joint project by the Cardassian and Kessok races.

Service history[]


The hybrid class vessels were created under the purview of Legate Matan in the year 2378. This class was mass produced at the Chambana Shipyards and used by House Arterius to attack various Federation and allied ships and colonies in the Maelstrom. The ships and shipyards were ultimately destroyed by the Starfleet starship USS Sovereign and her accompanying fleet.



Overall, the hybrid class resembled the Cardassian Galor-class with nacelles derived from Kessok ship design. Ships of this class made use of technology from both species such as positron beam weapons along with Cardassian compressor weapons. They also possessed highly accurate torpedo launchers along with pulse weapons. The weapon systems also had unique properties that were not the norm for either species.

Ships of this class had a hull that was made of a silicon duranium base that interfered with Starfleet scanners. The warp coils emitted EM radiation on higher frequencies than was the norm for most other Cardassian designs. They also possessed technology to mask their warp signatures by leaving a wake of subspace distortion. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)


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