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The drone ship attacks the Enterprise.

The hybrid drone ship was an unusual remote controlled starship which attacked the USS Enterprise-D in 2370.

As the vessel was unidentified it was given no specific name.

The ship was a mixture of Romulan, Federation and Borg technologies, the warp core and disruptor nacelles of a Romulan warbird, a Starfleet style saucer section and the shield structure of a Borg Cube. Visually the main hull of the vessel appeared to be wing section of a D'deridex-class warbird with the Starfleet saucer attached to the front of the upper wing with a Starfleet like neck connecting down to the lower wing and a green deflector dish held within a Starfleet stardrive section-like unit which merged into the lower wing. From the bottom of the stardrive section a large spike protruded. Borg components surrounded much of the aft of the vessel and seemed to fill much of what would usually be void between the warbird wings. The ship had no crew, instead being remote controlled via subspace communications.

The ship made it's first attack on the Enterprise-D when it was mapping the remote Bandor system. It's first sneak attack disabled the Enterprise's warp drive, sub-light engines and communications, reduced shields to twenty-four percent and momentarily took out sensors. Once the Enterprise returned fire the ship turned tail and warped out of range.

Analysis of the attack by Worf and Data concluded it was aimed at Deanna Troi, who had indeed been injured in the first disruptor barrage. When the ship returned for a second attack Troi was able to detect it had no crew, revealing it was remote controlled. Knowing this the Enterprise crew were able to create an inter-receptive network by firing a series of subspace beacons around the ship, thus blocking of it's remote communications. In response the vessel self destructed.

Captain Picard hypothesised following the first attack the vessel could indicate a Borg Romulan alliance, he later surmised the vessel had been created specifically to destroy the Enterprise, though who their assailant was, they could not tell. (TNG comic: "Strategy")

The Enterprise crew later witnessed another of these vessels under construction within a secret facility operated by a conspiracy within Starfleet. (TNG comic: "An Inconvenient Truth")

From the appearance in "An Inconvenient Truth" it seems safe to assume the drone ship was operated by the conspiracy, though it is unclear why they would attack the Enterprise. "An Inconvenient Truth" also features some scenes in the interior of an augmented Starfleet vessel which could have been the interior of one of these vessels.