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IDW Publishing is the current comic book publisher to have obtained the Star Trek license. They did so in 2006, with the first comics published in January 2007. IDW's initial offerings were based on The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and the 2009 movie Star Trek. IDW's comics typically are released in miniseries, and all of their comics are reprinted in omnibus collections.


IDW's first Star Trek comic, "History Lesson"

For the first three years of their license, IDW only optioned to publish comics from the two most popular Star Trek series; The Original Series and The Next Generation. The company expended to the rest of franchise with publication of tie-in comics for the movie series that began with Star Trek, and in late 2009 they began to publish their first Deep Space Nine comics. They've expanded their line to include a wide range of the franchise and its spin-offs; including the New Frontier series.

In their first year IDW tested the format with miniseries of various formats. In their second year they intend to push the line forward with the involvement of big names such as D.C. Fontana and Peter David, branding their output for the year Star Trek: Second Stage. The Second Stage branding only actually appeared on the first issue of Turnaround.

After the first few issue of the first series IDW released two comics a month throughout their first year. With the launch of their Second Stage titles they upped production to four issues a month, intending to deliver a new comic almost every week. Output has since fluctuated, with as few as one comic being release in a month, and up to as many as five.


IDW has so far released Star Trek comics in miniseries of between two and six issues over several consecutive months. Each comic is thirty-two pages in length, twenty-two of which (with limited exception) are actually story. The story pages flow uninterrupted (again with limited exception) with the final ten pages consisting of adverts, previews and interviews relating to other IDW projects, letters pages, and in a hand-full of issues The Trek Life comic strips.

The inside front cover of each comic typically contains a title a credit page and sometimes an opening monologue like paragraph of text related to the miniseries or in the case of some part-stories a short paragraph of text to refresh the reader on the story so far. In a hand full of issues this title page has been moved to the first page after the story at the back of the book.

Most of the comics have been available in several covers. Earlier comics tended to have more covers, while the most recent releases have had increasingly few, with many issues being released in just one cover by May of 2008. "Against Their Nature", the first issue of the Klingons: Blood Will Tell miniseries has had the most covers to date, with a total of seven being available. For IDW's first year's worth of miniseries the back inside cover of each comic was used as a cover gallery for that issue. With the launch of the Second Stage titles the cover gallery was moved to the title page, occupying a smaller area using thumbnail images.


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For a list of all IDW comics by publication order see IDW Publishing release order.


Completed series
Title Series Writer(s) Artist(s) Published Omnibus Cover
The Space Between TNG David Tischman Casey Maloney January-June 2007 Septermber 2007 The Space Between omnibus.jpg
Six stand-alone stories set throughout the television era of TNG building to a conclusion in the sixth issue which ties the separate stories together.
Klingons: Blood Will Tell TOS Scott & David Tipton David Messina April-August 2007 November 2007 Blood Will Tell omnibus.jpg
A five-part story set amongst the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country with flashbacks to TOS episodes featuring Klingons, but seen from the Klingon point-of-view.
Year Four TOS David Tischman Steve Conley, Gordon Purcell & Rob & Joe Sharp July-December 2007 March 2008 Year Four omnibus.jpg
Six stand-alone TOS stories told as if they were lost episodes of a fourth season.
Alien Spotlight TOS & TNG Scott & David Tipton, James Patrick, Paul D. Storrie, Andrew Steven Harris & John Byrne David Messina, Josep Maria Beroy, Leonard O'Grady, Elena Casagrande, Sean Murphy & John Byrne September 2007 - February 2008 May 2008 Alien Spotlight omnibus.jpg
Six TOS and TNG standalone stories set from the Pike-era through to the time of the Enterprise-E.
Intelligence Gathering TNG Scott & David Tipton David Messina January-May 2008 August 2008 Intelligence Gathering omnibus.jpg
Five consecutive standalone stories set in the fifth season of TNG building to a conclusion that ties together the separate issues.
Turnaround NF Peter David Stephen Thompson March-July 2008 October 2008 NewFrontiercollection.jpg
A five-part New Frontier story set after the novels Missing in Action and Cutting Ties.
Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment TOS D.C. Fontana & Derek Chester Gordon Purcell April-August 2008 November 2008 Enterprise experiment omnibus.jpg
A five-part story featuring the Romulans and the Klingons in the fourth year of the Kirk's five-year mission.
Assignment: Earth TOS John Byrne May-September 2008 December 2008 Assignment Earth omnibus.jpg
Five standalone stories, taking place one per year between 1968 and 1972 featuring the adventures of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln from the episode Assignment: Earth.
Mirror Images TOS & TNG Scott & David Tipton David Messina June-November 2008 February 2009 Mirror Images omnibus.jpg
A four-part TOS story depicting the rise of James T. Kirk in the mirror universe to seize command of the ISS Enterprise from Christopher Pike. With a single issue interlude depicting Jean-Luc Picard taking command of the ISS Starbreaker.
Romulans: The Hollow Crown TOS John Byrne September-October 2008 February 2010 (in Romulans: Pawns of War) Romulans The Hollow Crown.jpg
A two-part sequel to John Byrne's Alien Spotlight: Romulans depicting the fall out of the events of "Balance of Terror" and the growth of the Klingon-Romulan Alliance.
The Last Generation TNG & Myriad Universes Andrew Steven Harris Gordon Purcell November 2008 - March 2009 July 2009 The Last Generation omnibus.jpg
A five-part alternate reality story depicting the lives of the TNG characters in a timeline where the Klingons conquered Earth and the Federation following an unsuccessful outcome to the Khitomer Conference.
Countdown TOS & TNG Tim Jones & Mike Johnson, story by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman David Messina January-March 2009 April 2009 (paperback); October 2009 (hardcover) Countdown omnibus.jpg
A four-part prequel to the movie Star Trek depicting the events that led Spock and Nero to travel back in time, and showing the future lives of the TNG characters in 2387.
Crew TOS John Byrne March-July 2009 October 2009 Crew omnibus.jpg
A five-part series following the career of Number One, from cadet to serving on the USS Enterprise under Robert April.
Alien Spotlight II TOS, TNG, & DS9 Stuart Moore, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Ian Edginton, Scott & David Tipton, & Arne Schmidt & Andy Schmidt Mike Hawthorne, J.K. Woodward, Wagner Reis, Elena Casagrande & Augustin Padilla March-December 2009 March 2010 Alien Spotlight 2.jpg
Five standalone TOS, TNG and DS9 stories.
Mission's End TOS Ty Templeton Steve Molnar March-July 2009 October 2009 Mission's End omnibus.jpg
A five-part story depicting the last mission of the USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk prior to its refit.
The Wrath of Khan TOS Andy Schmidt Chee Yang Ong June-July 2009 May 2010 (in Motion Picture Trilogy) Khan 1A.jpg
A three-part adaptation of the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Spock: Reflections TOS Scott & David Tipton David Messina & Federica Manfredi July-October 2009 January 2010 Spock Reflections omnibus cover.jpg
A four-part series in which Spock reflects on significant moments from throughout his life.
Nero TOS Tim Jones & Mike Johnson David Messina August-November 2009 February 2010 Nero omnibus.jpg
A four-part prequel series following Nero's life, set between the destruction of the Kelvin and the events of the movie Star Trek.
Romulans: Schism TOS John Byrne September-November 2009 February 2010 (in Romulans: Pawns of War) Schism 1A.jpg
A three-part continuation of John Byrne's Romulan saga depicting the breakdown the Klingon-Romulan Alliance.
Ghosts TNG Zander Cannon Javier Aranda November 2009 - March 2010 July 2010 Ghosts omnibus.jpg
A five-part story set in the fifth season of TNG depicting a mystery filled mission to Allios IV.
Fool's Gold DS9 Scott & David Tipton Fabio Mantovani December 2009 - March 2010 August 2010 Fool's Gold omnibus.jpg
A four-part treasure hunting mystery set on Deep Space 9 between seasons three and four.
Star Trek Movie Adaptation TOS Tim Jones & Mike Johnson, story by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman David Messina February-August 2010 October 2010 Movie Adaptation omnibus.jpg
A six-part adaptation of the movie Star Trek.
Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor TOS John Byrne April-July 2010 October 2010 Leonard McCoy Frontier Doctor omnibus.jpg
A four issue series telling five stories from a year of Dr. Leonard McCoy's adventures prior to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
Burden of Knowledge TOS Scott & David Tipton Federica Manfredi June-September 2010 Uncertain Prescriptions A.jpg
A series of four consecutive TOS TV-era stories building to an dramatic conclusion.
Captain's Log TOS Scott & David Tipton, Marc Guggenheim, Stuart Moore & Keith R.A. DeCandido Federica Manfredi, Andrew Currie & J.K. Woodward January-October 2010
Khan: Ruling in Hell TOS Scott & David Tipton Fabio Mantovani October 2010 - January 2011 Khan Ruling in Hell omnibus.jpg
Infestation, Vol. 2 TOS Scott & David Tipton Casey Maloney February 2011 September 2011 (Volume 2), December 2011 (Infestation), August 2014 (Infestation Omnibus) Infestation 1A.jpg
Star Trek: Ongoing TOS Mike Johnson (#1-17, 19-60), F. Leonard Johnson (#17), Ryan Parrott (#18) Stephen Molnar (#1-4, 9-10, 13-14), Joe Phillips (#3-4, #7-8), Joe Corroney (#5-6, #33-34, 43), Claudia Balboni (#11-12, 17-20, 24, 43), Erfan Fajar (#15, 21-23, 25-28, 31-32), Stellar Labs (#16), Erica Durante (#17-20), Luca Lamberti (#20), Agri Karuniawan (#23), Yasmin Liang (#29-30), Yulian Ardhi (#32), Victor Moya (#33-34), Rob Doan (#33-34), Tony Shasteen (#35-40, 43-45, 48-60), Cat Staggs (#41-42), Rachael Stott (#46-47) September 22, 2011-August 17, 2016
Star Trek—Legion of Super-Heroes TOS Chris Roberson Jeffery and Philip Moy October 2011 July 2012 STLoSH1.jpg
Assimilation² TOS/TNG May 2012 January 2013
Hive TNG Brannon Braga, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett Joe Corroney, Matt Fillbach, Sean Fillbach September 2012 February 2013
Countdown to Darkness TOS January 2013 April 2013
Khan TOS October 2013 February 2014
New Visions TOS May 2014 June 2018
Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever TOS June 2014 November 2014
The Primate Directive TOS December 2014 April 2015
The Spectrum War TOS July 2015 December 2015
Starfleet Academy SA December 2015 April 2016
Manifest Destiny TOS April 2016 June 2016
Stranger Worlds TOS December 2016 May 2017
Boldly go TOS Mike Johnson (#1-), Ryan Parrott (#6-) October 2016 March 2018
Mirror Broken TNG Scott Tipton, David Tipton J.K. Woodward May 2017 December 2017
Through the Mirror TNG May 2018
The Light of Kahless DSC October 2017 May 2018
Succession DSC April 2018 August 2018
Terra Incognita TNG July 2018 December 2018
Star Trek vs. Transformers TAS September 2018 February 2019
The Q Conflict TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY January 2019 July 2019
Aftermath DSC September 2019 November 2019

Forthcoming series

John Byrne has announced he has had three series green lit, though release dates are as yet undetermined. The latter of the three will be a second Assignment: Earth series. One of the earlier two will conclude at about the time Robert April took command of the Enterprise, and one of the three will feature James T. Kirk at the Academy. [1][2][3]


Typically, three months following the publication of the final issue of a miniseries, an omnibus book of the series is released. There have been a few exceptions to this; Romulans: The Hollow Crown was released in an omnibus along the Schism series as a single omnibus of the entire John Byrne Romulan Saga. Similarly the new adaptation of The Wrath of Khan was printed in an omnibus alongside previous movie comic adaptations.

The Countdown miniseries also broke the normal rule, with the omnibus released almost immediately after publication of the final issue so that it would be out ahead of the release of the movie to which it is a prequel.

IDW also publish collections of Star Trek comics originally published by previous holders of the Star Trek comics license. These have so far taken two forms: The Star Trek Archives series collects between four and six issues per volume, based on a theme, while the Star Trek Omnibus format sees larger collections of entire series of comics.

IDW Publishing omnibuses
IDW miniseries The Space BetweenKlingons: Blood Will TellYear FourAlien SpotlightIntelligence GatheringTurnaroundThe Enterprise ExperimentAssignment: EarthMirror ImagesRomulans: The Hollow CrownThe Last GenerationCountdownAlien Spotlight IICrewMission's EndThe Wrath of KhanSpock: ReflectionsNeroRomulans: SchismGhostsFool's GoldStar Trek Movie AdaptationLeonard McCoy, Frontier DoctorBurden of KnowledgeCountdown to DarknessCaptain's LogKhan: Ruling in HellInfestationStar Trek—Legion of Super-HeroesAssimilation²HiveKhanStrange New WorldsNew VisionsHarlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of ForeverThe Primate DirectiveThe Spectrum WarStarfleet AcademyManifest DestinyStranger WorldsWaypointMirror BrokenThrough the MirrorThe Light of KahlessSuccessionTerra IncognitaStar Trek vs. TransformersThe Q ConflictAftermathPicard: CountdownToo Long a SacrificeSeven's Reckoning IDW bulb.jpg
IDW collections The John Byrne Collection100-Page Spectacular (20112012Winter 2012) • The New Adventures (Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5) • New Visions: The Hollow Man and Other StoriesThe Missions ContinueMirror Universe Collection
Archive material Star Trek Archives (Best of Peter DavidBest of the BorgBest of Gary SevenBest of DS9Best of Captain KirkBest of Alternate Universes) • Best of KlingonsStar Trek Omnibus (Volume 1Volume 2The Original SeriesMovie OmnibusTNG Omnibus) • Motion Picture Trilogy100-Page Spectacular (Summer 2012Gold Key) • Newspaper Comics (Volume 1Volume 2) • The Stardate Collection (Volume 1Volume 2) • Gold Key Archives (Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5) • Classic UK Comics (Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3) • Best of Picard


IDW Publishing writers and editors
Writers Mike W. BarrJohn ByrneZander CannonDerek ChesterPeter DavidKeith R.A. DeCandidoIan EdgintonD.C. FontanaAndrew Steven HarrisTim JonesMike JohnsonStuart MooreJames PatrickChris RyallAndy SchmidtArne SchmidtPaul D. StorrieDavid TiptonScott TiptonDavid TischmanTy Templeton IDW bulb.jpg
Story credits Harve BennettAlex KurtzmanRoberto OrciRick RemenderJack B. Sowards
Editors Scott DunbierAndrew Steven HarrisChris RyallAndy SchmidtDan TaylorDenton J. Tipton
IDW Publishing artists
Interior artists Bob AlmondJavier ArandaClaudia BalboniJosep Maria BeroyJohn ByrneGaetano CarlucciElena CasagrandeChee Yang OngSteve ConleyArianna FloreanDrew GeraciGianluigi GregoriniMike HawthorneAaron LeachCasey MaloneyFederica ManfrediFabio MantovaniJose Marzan Jr.David MessinaStephen MolnarSean MurphyTom NguyenLeonard O'GradyAugustin PadillaTerry PallotStacie PonderSara PichelliGordon PurcellWagner ReisMarc RuedaRob & Joe SharpBob SmithStephen ThompsonGerman Torres-RuizJ.K. Woodward IDW bulb.jpg
Cover artists Robert AtkinsJosep Maria BeroyJames BrownJohn ByrneDennis CaleroElena CasagrandeChee Yang OngSteve ConleyJoe CorroneyDavid DeitrickJeremy GeddesZach HowardKen KellyKevin MaguireDavid MessinaSean MurphyLeonard O'GradyAugustin PadillaBob PeakPablo RaimondiBrian ReberNick RungeKelsey ShannonRob & Joe SharpStephen ThompsonDavid WilliamsJ.K. Woodward
Colorists 2B StudioDavide AmiciJennifer BaumannMoose BaumannMario BoonChiara CinabroAndrew ElderMike HawthorneJohn HuntJason JensonLovern KindzierskiThompson KnoxPaolo MaddaleniGiovanna NiroLeonard O'GradyMirco PierfedericiPriscila RibeiroChris SotomayorTom SmithIlaria TraversiJ.K. Woodward
Letterers Robbie RobbinsChris MowryRichard StarkingsNeil Uyetake

International reprints

The German paperback edition of Nero

In several foreign markets other publishers have purchased the rights to reprint IDW comics:

  • Starting in 2008 the Brazilian publisher Devir has published several Portuguese translations of IDW miniseries omnibuses.
  • In Germany, starting in 2009, the publisher Cross Cult has published German language translations of several series omnibuses. Releases have been in both hardcover and paperback, often with new cover art.
  • Also in 2009 the British publisher Titan Comics launched a short-lived magazine format called Star Trek Comic. The publication lasted three issues, reprinting the complete Star Trek: Nero series, before it was cancelled.
  • In 2010, Australian publisher Wilkinson Publishing began to produce local prints of both omnibus books and individual issues.

Unrealized concepts

See also: unpublished comics.

Since obtaining the Star Trek license several IDW editors and writers have announced or talked about projects which have, so far, not been published. Few have officially been announced as cancelled, but have remained unproduced for significant periods of time:

Following on from their first two Year Four miniseries' IDW had vague plans for two more Year Four miniseries, making a total of twenty-two issues over the four minis, equivalent to a full season of The Original Series. After that they planned to continue on to Year Five miniseries’. [4] IDW skipped ahead with this concept somewhat with the 2009 release of Mission's End, showing the finally year five mission.

Former editor Andrew Steven Harris indicated IDW were developing an idea for a post-Nemesis TNG series, working with an unspecified individual who has previously worked on Star Trek projects form Marvel and DC Comics. Harris suggested the series would start in early 2009; that period did see the start of Countdown a part-TNG series set many years after Nemesis. [5]

When Mirror Images was first announced it was also suggested that there would be a TNG mirror universe series to follow. However that series was pushed back in favor of the Myriad Universes miniseries The Last Generation.

Announced in Focus on... Star Trek another project that never surfaced was Probability Factor, a six issue miniseries, three issue TOS and three TNG. The series was to tell "What if?" stories exploring episodes that might have been is some factor had changed. The episodes choose for the alternate universe treatment were to be selected by and voted for by fans. However since its initial announcement no further news on the series has been announced, while other new miniseries (including a different alternate timeline story - The Last Generation) have gone ahead.

Announced in the end matter of the 2008 prose anthology Echoes and Refractions, author Keith R.A. DeCandido was apparently due to write a TNG miniseries titled Redshirts.

Building on the success of the new Star Trek movie and its comic spin-offs IDW had plans for several projects based around the film and Countdown. The Countdown writers Tim Jones and Mike Johnson have talked about a prequel to Countdown showing how the TNG crew got to their new positions, and in particular how Data was restored. Additionally they would like to write a series following Countdown showing the continuing future of the TNG era. In the Kelvin timeline from the new film they produced a series leading into the next film in a similar function to Countdown. [6]

Since IDW obtained their license author Andy Mangels has been pushing for a Star Trek: Titan miniseries, and had even managed to talk Tim Russ, the actor who played Tuvok, into co-authoring it. In 2010 however he received confirmation from IDW that they would not be taking up the concept. [7]

John Byrne has discussed ideas he has yet to develop, such as a miniseries exploring the adventures of Balok and David Bailey.[8] One idea Byrne will not be able to realize was a crossover between Assignment: Earth and the series Doctor Who; unfortunately the BBC, who own the Doctor Who franchise, were not willing to go ahead with this.[9]

Additionally several individual issues of miniseries have been lost or re-arranged. Both Alien Spotlight series saw significant changes to the creative teams involved. Early announcements for the second series indicated there would be issues on the Tholians, Ferengi and Betazoids, none of which were produced. The fifth issue of the Captain's Log series, "Captain's Log: Garrett" was written but cancelled before the artwork was produced[10].

Voyager and Enterprise

On Voyager comics Andrew Steven Harris has stated they are unlikely to happen any time soon if at all. Enterprise comics have a similar outlook, if not worse; Dan Taylor noted likeness approvals for Scott Bakula/Jonathan Archer are problematic[11]. Enterprise, being the series with the smallest fanbase, would also make such a venture risky, ie. developing comics on a series that may be less commercially successful. [12]


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