On Delta Vega, Montgomery Scott tells Keenser about his family. In 1787, one of Scott's ancestors was an engineer on the HMS Enterprise. He rescued the ship, which was buffeted by a storm while on a mission to fight the French. In 2231, in Linlithgow, Scotland, just before moving to Aberdeen, the young Montgomery Scott heard the story from his mother. He tried unsuccessfully to repair some bagpipes. Later, a security officer caught Scott and his brother, Robbie, sneaking into a nearby shipyard, where Scott discovered a problem on a starship. Years later, when Scott applied to Starfleet, his application was denied. Scott got a job as an engineer on a freighter. He ended up fixing a starship's dilithium scrubbers, which is what finally got him into Starfleet. In 2257, while attending Starfleet Academy, Scott performed his experiment in transwarp beaming on Admiral Jonathan Archer's prized beagle, Porthos. The dog never came back, which is why Scott is on Delta Vega. Scott is considering resigning from Starfleet when Keenser begins playing the bagpipes, which he has repaired.



GlendaKeenserArlyne Jorgensen ScottMontgomery ScottMontgomery Scott's grandfatherRobbie Scotttrading freighter captainunnamed Starfleet personnel (Kelvin timeline)
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ArcherAlexander MarcusMontgomery Scott's father

Starships and vehiclesEdit

HMS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseNCC-0509 (Einstein-class survey vessel) • space shuttleSpitfiretrain
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slooptrading freighter


Cydonia stationDelta VegaEarthEdinburghLinlithgowLinlithgow shipyardsMarsPresidioScotlandStarfleet Academy dormitoryStarfleet Recruiting office
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Races and culturesEdit

Human (French) • Roylan

States and organizationsEdit

StarfleetStarfleet Academy

Science and technologyEdit

active phase transferantimatterantimatter fill portbloodcargo conveyorcomputer coreconduitcosmic stormcrossjackdilithium chamberdilithium scrubberfield geometry sensorimpulse reaction systemnavigational deflectoroptic leadphase transferphoton torpedo launchersensorsubspacesubspace field coiltractor beam emittertransporterwarp drive nacellewarp enginewarp reactor core

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralcaptainchief engineercommanderengineersecurity guard

Other referencesEdit

bagpipesbastaybattle bridgebeaglebedbedsheetbroachcargo baycenturydistress calleggFrench languageinterviewjunior officers quartersmaggotmain bridgemain engineeringmain shuttlebaymain sickbayminuteobservation loungeomeletpillowsailsquallstardate




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