The IGW Shantherin th'Clane, commonly called the Therin, was an Andorian Shran-class starship in service to the Imperial Guard following the Andorian Empire's brief secession from the United Federation of Planets in 2382.


As a Shran-class warship, the Therin was 40% longer than a Federation Luna-class starship, with 20% more beam. It possessed two and a half to three more armaments than the Luna-class vessel, and carried a crew of seven hundred. Subsequent to Andor's secession, the Therin was painted with livery in the style of the 22nd century Imperial Guard.


Named for Shantherin th'Clane, in November 2382, the Therin was under the command of Krasizhrar ch'Harnen. That month, it traveled to the Vela Pulsar, located within the Gum Nebula, and participated in a covert operation to create transporter duplicates of the seven Andorian crewmembers of the Federation starship USS Titan, under the guise of an attempt to force the Titan crew to return those officers to Andor by threat of violence. (TTN novel: Fallen Gods)

Crew manifestEdit

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