The IKC Chang was a Klingon Voodieh-class starship in service to the Klingon Empire's Klingon Defense Force in an alternate timeline version of the late 24th century. (This timeline was created by Q and was called the anti-time future.) The Chang was named in honor of Chang, a formidable 23rd century Klingon general. (CCG reference: The Fajo Collection)

In 2395, the Chang patrolled the Devron star system with her sister ship, the IKC Fek'lhr. While patrolling the system, the two starships engaged the USS Pasteur.

In the battle, the Federation hospital ship was outgunned and outnumbered by the two Klingon warships. The odds were evened up by the arrival of the USS Enterprise-D, which fought off the two Klingon warships until one was destroyed and the other damaged. (TNG episode & novelization: All Good Things...; CCG set: The Fajo Collection)

The Chang image shown here is taken from its Star Trek CCG card.
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