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The IKS Ch'Tang was a Klingon starship, a battle cruiser in Imperial Defense Force service in the 23rd century. (TOS - Legacies novel: Captain to Captain)

Service historyEdit

By 2267, the Ch'Tang was under the command of Captain Guras. That year, she was one of three Klingon battle cruisers dispatched to intercept the Federation starship USS Enterprise when that ship entered the disputed Korinar sector on cource for the Libros star system in pursuit of renegade Starfleet captain Una aboard the courier Shimizu. Although the task force arrived too late to prevent either ship from reaching Usilde / Libros III, they did deposit landing parties to storm the Jatohr citadel and apprehend or neutralize any trespassers. They did not give chase to Enterprise, which retreated back into Federation territory.

The Ch'Tang did, however, give chase to the Shimizu later on, when the courier, with Enterprise captain James T. Kirk and his first officer Lieutenant commander Spock aboard, tried to leave the planet. When Kirk refused Guras' order to surrender, the Ch'Tang attempted to destroy the courier in order to prevent any Jatohr technology from falling into Federation hands, but the Shimizu escaped by executing a slingshot maneuver around the system's star. (TOS - Legacies novel: Captain to Captain)

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