The IKS Drovana (IKC-11563) (alternately spelled as Drovna) was a Klingon Vor'cha-class attack cruiser (or battle cruiser) in service to the Klingon Empire's Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century. (ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia, Decipher RPG module: Starships)

The Drovana was commanded by Rurik. (WizKids module: Tactics)

In 2372, the Drovana was one of several vessels assigned to a covert mine laying operation around the Bajoran system, planning to block off support to Deep Space 9 in preparation for the expected outbreak of hostilities between the Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets. In the course of the operation one of the mines detonated ten kilometers off the Drovana's port quarter, causing a massive hull breach and betraying the Klingons' presence.

The USS Defiant offered support to the crippled vessel which was initially refused, but later requested when the ship's systems further deteriorated. The ship was towed to Deep Space 9 for repairs. While docked at DS9, Commander Worf and Kurn were surgically altered so that they might board the Drovana and accessed its computer in order to uncover the mine strategy and deployment and acquire access codes so that the Defiant could detonate the minefield shortly after. (DS9 episode: "Sons of Mogh")

Although most other Vor'cha-class starships are referred to as attack cruisers in canon, the Drovana and other Vor'cha-class vessels listed by the Decipher RPG as battle cruisers. It is not clear if this is because they are outfitted differently or if the two cruiser terms had become somewhat synonymous.
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