The IKS Kandar was a D7-class Klingon battle cruiser in service to the Imperial Klingon Defense Force in the 23rd century. In the early 2270s, the starship was commanded by Captain Kodrash.

Service historyEdit

In 2273, the Kandar had depleted its storehouse of dilithium crystals and was limited to impulse speeds within the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone in the Beta Quadrant. Kodrash took the Kandar to Forma VI, a planet that contained a depleted Human dilithium mine, but no crystals were found there.

A landing party from the USS Enterprise eventually located crystals from a Klingon wreck on the planet's surface. Captain James T. Kirk sent some dilithium and five Klingons aboard a travel pod to the Kandar, but Kodrash suspected foul play. He fired his ship's disruptors, destroying the pod and killing his own landing party, including first officer Koth and officer Krax. Kandar was forced to limp back to the Klingon Empire at impulse power. (TOS comic: "Dilithium Dilemma")

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