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The IKS Lukara was a Klingon starship, a Qugh-class destroyer in House of Mo'Kai service in the 2250s decade. The ship was commaned by Matriarch J'Ula and equipped with a cloaking device. (STO - Tutorial mission: "Trial by Fire")

Service history[edit | edit source]

Weeks after the Battle of the Binary Stars in May 2256, J'Ula used her ship to target Starfleet ships in order to learn about secret technologies. Trapping the freighter SS Fortuna as a bait, the Lukara successfully ambushed the USS Malachowski and captured Captain Anton Schaefer. J'Ula murdered Schaefer, and the crew of the Malachowski fired on the Lukara, damaging but failing to cripple it.

Starfleet support arrived with the Shepard-class cruiser USS Sebrova. With joined forces, J'Ula and the Lukara were driven off. (STO - Tutorial mission: "Trial by Fire")

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