IKS Vortha was a Klingon scout vessel in service in the mid-23rd century.

In 2267 the Vortha was commanded by Kagh and was assigned to patrol the Klingon Empire's more distant territories along the disputed Federation border. During its patrol, the Vortha detected the USS Enterprise on its way to Organia; assuming Starfleet intended to establish a beachhead within Klingon territory, Kagh immediately had the ship's logs transmitted to the High Council and set an intercept course. The Vortha achieved direct hits in its opening attack on the Enterprise, but the Federation ship outgunned Vortha by forty percent and promptly destroyed it.

When news of the Vortha's destruction reached the High Council it prompted them to launch a campaign to take Organia. The incident ultimately resulted in the establishment of the Organian Peace Treaty at the behest of the Organians.

In 2293 Kahnrah consulted Commander Kagh's logs of the incident while studying Klingon-Federation contacts. Kahnrah did this to help him decide on how to vote in regards to the proposed opening of peace talks with the Federation. (TOS comic: "Against Their Nature")

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