The IKS noH'pach was a Haqtaj-class scoutship in 2376.

The noH'pach was on patrol in the Almatha sector when Prynn Tenmei sabotaged the USS Euphrates, which had been captured by Taran'atar. The ship's captain, Qurag, offered assistance not knowing the Euphrates was under enemy control. The noH'pach's crew was killed by Taran'atar, who used the ship to head to Harkoum. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

Elias Vaughn and Tenmei later used the noH'pach to escape Grennokar before the Obsidian Order facility was destroyed. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

David Mack commented that noH'pach translates as "War Claw". [1]

Crew[edit | edit source]

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