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The IRW Falcata was a Romulan starship, a Scimitar-class dreadnought warbird in Romulan Star Empire and Tal Shiar service in the early 25th century. In the 2410s decade, it was led a fleet occupying the Romulan Imperial Minefield. (STO - Emergence mission: "Romulan Imperial Minefield")


In 2410, the Falcata led the fleet blockading the Romulan Imperial Minefield system. The Falcata guarded the planet-facing weapons facility from afar, only warping in when needed.

The Alpha Quadrant Alliance scrambled to defeat the Falcata and remove the Imperial presence from the minefield. A flotilla of six Allied ships, led by Captain Nog of the USS Chimera, liberated civilian freighters before rallying at a trio of repair facilities. At Facility Alpha, Beta and Gamma, D'deridex-class warbird battlecruisers and their escorts, consisting of Mogai-class heavy and T'varo-class light warbirds, moved to intercept. The Tal Shiar fleet was soundly defeated by the Allies, who then moved on to the weapons platform closed to the planet. The Falcata appeared and employed battle cloak to evade enemy fire but its defenses were ultimately whittled down. (STO - Emergence mission: "Romulan Imperial Minefield")

This mission is repeatable, and this ship may reappear.



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