The IRW Fraire was a Romulan Mogai-class heavy warbird in service to the Tal Shiar in the early 25th century. The Fraire was under the command of Commander Khaiel N'Vek. (STO - In Shadows mission: "Sleepers")


In 2409, the IRW Fraire was on a mission to salvage Borg technology from Cube 19721 in the T'liss system. The Fraire was supported by another starship, which was in fact an Romulan Republican Force vessel infiltrating the Tal Shiar. Commander N'Vek led three teams aboard the derelict Borg cube, one of which came from the RRF ship. The Borg were reactivated and assimilated teams two and three, including one of the Tal Shiar's preeminent experts on Borg technology, Subcommander Fhrrus. N'Vek killed Fhrrus and escaped with the incognito RRF team. The Fraire and the RRF vessel engaged the reactivated cube and destroyed the ship. (STO - In Shadows mission: "Sleepers")

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