The IRW Honor Blade was a Romulan starship in service in the mid-24th century. It was the personal vessel of the veteran Commander Liviana Charvanek, who greatly preferred it over her previous command, the ChR Memenda (which Charvanek dismissed as a "Klingon monstrosity").

In 2344, Charvanek took the Honor Blade into battle at Narendra III, where she and her crew fought alongside the USS Enterprise-C against General Volskiar and his fleet of warbirds. The Honor Blade and Enterprise both put up a valiant struggle, but eventually the battle was lost; Enterprise was destroyed, and Honor Blade was boarded by Volskiar's troops. The heavily damaged vessel was not seen again, although it is unknown what eventually happened to it. (TNG novel: Vulcan's Heart)

IRW Honor Blade personnel[edit | edit source]

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