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The IRW Khopesh was a Romulan starship, a Scimitar-class dreadnought warbird in Romulan Star Empire service in the early 25th century. In the 2400s decade, the Khopesh was one of five flagships of a Tal Shiar fleet. (STO - "Season 6: Under Siege" mission: "Fleet Alert")


From 2409 onwards, a Tal Shiar fleet was among the hostile groups attacking the Federation Fleet Starbase and the Klingon Fleet Starbase. Each starbase was defended by a flotilla of five Allied starships. The Khopesh arrived with the final wave of attackers but was defeated by the starbase defenders. (STO - "Season 6: Under Siege" mission: "Fleet Alert")

No other history for this ship was given, as it was chosen at random by the game software. The mission is repeatable.

In 2410, the Romulan Republican Force fielded their own counterpart to this ship, the RRW Khopesh, prototype of the Khopesh-class tactical dreadnought warbird. (STO - "Season 11: New Dawn" mission: "Explore the Flotilla")



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