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The IRW Othrys was a 24th century Romulan starship, a Mogai-class warbird, Type-1 battlecruiser, in Romulan Star Navy service in the 2380s decade. Its crew was unusually diverse. The commanding officer was Commander Joron Medaka. (PIC novel: The Dark Veil)

Service history and disposition[]

Medaka served as shipmaster in the early 2380s decade and knew each crewmember, like the personal and family stakes of his security troopers. In the year 2381, he learned of the impending supernova of a Romulan star, the "star-death". The Othrys was reassigned from primarily military and spy operations to exploring space in search of new colony worlds for displaced Romulans to settle on.

The hull pattern resembled the feathers of a falcon.

The Othrys crew included non-Romulan personnel, including at least one Garidian, Taurhai and Reman each, as well as Norkanians among the warbirds support force. While there were Tal Shiar officers aboard incognito, Major Sansar Helek replaced Medaka's trusted first officer. Unbeknownst to Medaka, Helek was a member of the secretive Zhat Vash, who sought to eradicate artificial intelligence.

In 2386, the Othrys investigated a sector along the Romulan Neutral Zone for habitable worlds and observed the Federation Luna-class "battlecruiser" USS Titan from across the border. When the Jazari suffered a potentially sector-threatening industrial accident, Medaka redirected the Othrys to assist the Jazari and the Titan, overruling Major Helek.

After the initial crisis was averted, Medaka and Captain William T. Riker bonded across the Human-Romulan cultural divide. Medaka convinced the Jazari Governing Sept to allow Othrys to guide the Jazari generation ship and Titan through the dangerous plasma storms of Sector 743-D, which the Sept explained sought to cross to find a new homeworld deep in the Beta Quadrant.

Major Helek staged a mutiny against Medaka and assumed command of the ship with fabricated evidence of Medaka committing treason against the Empire. The Othrys was damaged in battle by the Titan but received reinforcements from a pair of Tal Shiar enforcer cruisers.

The battle was protracted but the Titan ultimately destroyed the lead enforcer and the second enforcer by sacrificing three of its Federation shuttlecraft. The Battle of Sector 743-D ended with a Titan boarding party helping Medaka regain command. The Jazari escaped through an artificial wormhole to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Othrys escorted Titan back to the Neutral Zone. The pair was stopped by a quartet of older D'deridex-class warbirds. A tribunal stripped Helek of her rank and cleared Medaka and Captain William T. Riker of the Titan of charges of conspiracy against the Empire. (PIC novel: The Dark Veil)




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