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The IRW Syrinx was a prototype for the D'Kazanak-class warbirds in the 2360s.

The ship was placed under the command of Commander Valak who was assigned on a mission by Praetor Darok to investigate what the Romulan Star Empire believed to have been a secret Federation base at Hermeticus II.

Lord Kazanak, the designer of the ship and son of a member of the Romulan High Council, was assigned to the vessel in order to prove the vessels worth to the rest of the Romulan people for mass production. The Syrinx was successful in ambushing the USS Enterprise-D along the Romulan Neutral Zone and managed to capture the ship using deception by making the crew appear as they were dead. The Syrinx would then take its prize to Hermeticus II in order to determine what was present at the planet.

The Syrinx's life would end at this point when it was towed to a separate spot by the Ambimorphs who destroyed it as well as the USS Independence. This would also be the end of this class of vessels as an Ambimorph, disguised as Lord Kazanak, explained that the ship suffered from design problems and steered production away from these fearsome vessels. (TNG novel: The Romulan Prize)

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