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This article is about the assimilated Scimitar-class warbird. You may be looking for the Mogai-class warbird, IRW Valdore.

The IRW Valdore was a Scimitar-class dreadnought warbird in service during the late 24th and early 25th centuries.


In 2387 Commander Donatra visited Crateris aboard the Valdore to meet with General Xiomek. On her return trip the ship went missing in an ion storm. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

In 2409, during a battle with the Borg Collective in the Quadra Sigma system, a detachment of starships from Star Fleet Battle Group Omega encountered the Valdore after destroying a pair of transwarp conduits. Both the ship and her commander had been assimilated, and attacked the gathered starships. The Alpha Quadrant vessels fought back and successfully destroyed the Valdore. (STO mission: "Khitomer Conduit")

Technical data[]

The assimilated Valdore possessed a thalaron generator capable of destroying virtually any vessel caught in the blast radius. It was also capable of deploying Borg tractor probes. (STO mission: "Khitomer Conduit")



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