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In the mirror universe, the ISS Cheyenne (NCC-73606-A) was a Terran Empire Cheyenne-class heavy cruiser in Imperial Starfleet service in the early 25th century. The Cheyenne and other Imperial vessels were found derelict by the Ferengi Lobi Consortium in the Azure Nebula and made available to Federation Starfleet and their Romulan Republic allies. (Star Trek Online official website: Season 8 Dev Blog #46)

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Ships named Cheyenne
United Earth, Starfleet Cheyenne Seal of United Earth. Starfleet emblem
Federation, Starfleet USS Cheyenne (Galaxy-class)USS Cheyenne (Defiant-class)see also: Cheyenne-class UFP emblem image. Seal of the Federation Starfleet.
Imperial Starfleet
(mirror universe)
ISS Cheyenne (NCC-73606-A, Cheyenne-class) Seal of the Terran Empire.
Cheyenne-class cruiser starships
Federation Starfleet standard configuration USS AhwahneeUSS CheyenneUSS Constellation-AUSS CorinthUSS EmperorUSS MarauderUSS PorksauceUSS Rapid UFP emblem. Seal of the Federation Starfleet.
variant configurations Dakota-subclass: USS DakotaUSS GrovelandStargazer-subclass: USS Stargazer-A
Terran Imperial Starfleet
(mirror universe)
ISS CheyenneDakota-subclass: ISS Dakota Seal of the Terran Empire.
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