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In the mirror universe, ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F) was a Terran starship, an Odyssey-class dreadnought cruiser in service to Imperial Starfleet in the 2410s decade. The Enterprise-F was the flagship of Imperial Starfleet, and participated in the Terran invasion of the primary universe, and the Temporal Cold War. (STO missions: "Message from Another Universe I", "Message from Another Universe IV", "Ragnarok")

Service historyEdit

In the year 2409, the Enterprise-F was the flagship of Imperial Starfleet. Leeta gained command of it when she advanced to the rank of admiral, thanks to support from Imperial Starfleet ships and personnel from the 29th century. Leeta's allies provided her with advanced technology. She insisted on equipping the flagship first, and used her new-found power to challenge the Emperor of the Terran Empire. (STO missions: "Message from Another Universe I", "Message from Another Universe II", "Message from Another Universe III")

In the mirror counterpart of the Iconian War, the Enterprise-F led a Terran fleet to Iconia, 200,000 years into the past. The Iconians were defeated by orbital bombardment, and Leeta rid herself of disloyal ship commanders by sabotaging their temporal shields. (STO mission: "Message from Another Universe IV")

In 2410, the Enterprise was part of the Terran fleet invading the primary universe in the Alpha Quadrant. During a battle in the Badlands, the Enterprise appeared in the final stage and was forced to retreat. An Alpha Quadrant Alliance task force defeated the invaders. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Badlands Battlezone")

After Leeta and her forces allied with the Temporal Liberation Front, the Enterprise-F engaged Galactic Union and Alpha Quadrant Alliance forces at New Khitomer at some point before 2769. With the help 29th century Starfleet, the Enterprise was forced to retreat towards the TLF fleet. (STO mission: "Future Proof")

Enterprise vs Enterprise

ISS Enterprise-F engages USS Enterprise-J

The Enterprise subsequently participated in the Battle of Procyon V, fighting alongside the TLF and Sphere Builder forces against the Federation in the 26th century. In a one-to-one encounter, the ISS Enterprise-F was able to hold its ground against the USS Enterprise-J. Leeta led a boarding party to the Enterprise-J but was forced to retreat when she encountered resistance by temporal agents. Leeta abandoned the TLF, and the Terran forces returned to their native space-time. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Ragnarok")

After Leeta betrayed the Emperor, Val Shon gained command of the Enterprise-F, when he was believed to have assassinated Leeta. (STO short story: "Black Mirror")

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