In the mirror universe, the ISS Indomitable was a starship, a warship of the Imperial Starfleet of the Terran Empire.

In the late 2240s decade, the Indomitable and the ISS Thermopylae were dispatched to observe a Klingon weapon test on Donatu V. The Terran ships were detected and subsequently attacked by the Klingons. The Thermopylae was destroyed and the Indomitable was severely damaged. Due to his failure, Captain Nathan Thorpe of the Indomitable was executed and Erin Stone was promoted from first officer to captain.

Later, Stone led the Indomitable into battle alongside the ISS Constellation and the ship was severely battered. Stone was killed in the battle and Commodore Robert April remotely took control of the ship and rammed it into a Klingon research installation, destroying the Indomitable. (TOS - Mirror Universe short story: "Ill Winds")

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