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In the mirror universe, ISS Khan's Wrath was a Terran NX-class battleship starship in service to Imperial Starfleet in the mid-22nd century. (ENT - Mirror Universe novel: Age of the Empress)


When Jonathan Archer defied the orders of Starfleet Command in January 2155, Khan's Wrath was one of the seven Starfleet ships that almost burned out their warp coils to race back to Earth. The hurriedly assembled fleet was led by the dreadnought ISS Imperator and consisted of two Ganges-class Terran destroyers and four NX-class battleships, including Khan's Wrath.

On the orders of Fleet Admiral William Gardner, the fleet engaged the USS Defiant, a Constitution-class heavy cruiser from the 23rd century of the primary universe. Hoshi Sato had poisoned Archer and declared herself the Empress of the Terran Empire.

When Defiant dove into Earth's atmosphere to target Starfleet Command in San Francisco, Gardner ordered Khan's Wrath and ISS Broadsword to engage in a suicide run. Broadsword exploded moments before crashing into Defiant. When Defiant destroyed Starfleet Command with photon torpedoes, Khan's Wrath and the other remaining ships stood down. (ENT - Mirror Universe novel: Age of the Empress)

It is likely that the vessel was named after the mirror universe version of Khan Noonien Singh.



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