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In the mirror universe, the ISS Pastak was a 29th century Terran Empire starship, a Mobius-class temporal destroyer in Imperial Starfleet service in 2410s decade. Its commanding officer was Captain Nereda. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "Aftershocks")

History[edit | edit source]

The Terran Empire of the 29th century became a player in the Temporal Cold War in the 29th century. During one temporal intervention, Captain Nereda took the Pastak to the historic Battle of the Mutara Nebula between the USS Enterprise and the USS Reliant in the prime universe year 2285. Captain's male Commander Benjamin Walker beamed aboard the Reliant, which was under control of the Augment Khan Noonien Singh, and entered phaser control. When the Reliant fired, it targeted Deck 1 of the Enterprise, blasting the ship's bridge apart. Khan was furious with the usurping of his orders. Acting captain Montgomery Scott kept the Enterprise in the fight for moments longer before the Reliant destroyed it. Walker returned to the Pastak. When the Reliant targeted the Pastak, Nereda had the Augment ship destroyed.

Next, the Pastak raided the space research lab Regula I and took Doctors Carol Marcus and David Marcus of Project Genesis hostage. Subjecting Carol to the agony booth, Nereda forced David into building a genesis torpedo for her. Disguised as a Federation ship, the torpedo was fired at Qo'noS, which transformed it into a Terra Nova.

Nereda ordered Marcus to build another torpedo, under threat of returning Carol to the agony booth. The Pastak travelled to Romulus to meet newly elevated Senator Liviana Charvanek, who had held a grudge against James T. Kirk and Spock and reveled in their demise aboard the Enterprise. While discussing their plans for Romulan supremacy after the Klingons and Federation would tear each other asunder, David activated the second genesis device, destroying the Pastak.

Fortunately, Captain Vakek of the Timefleet starship USS Tempus and his people undid the Pastak's rampage through the 23rd century. Vakek shared a sim of the averted events with Captain Benjamin Walker of the USS Pastak, who watched it on the holodeck with his first officer Commander Nereda. They were horrified of their counterparts, and recognised that the new player in the Temporal Wars meant they might face temporal operatives wearing their own faces. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "My Own Worst Enemy")

Terran Empire forces from the 29th century brought their timeships and formidable technology to the 2400s decade to ensure their history would come to pass by elevating Admiral Leeta in power and helping defeat the Iconians. (STO - Message from Another Universe missions: "I", "II", "III", "V")

Along with other Mobius-class temporal destroyers, the Pastak received service at the Mobius Shipyards. Lieutenant Whetu, an ally of Leeta's, secretly installed a prefix code on Nereda's ship.

When Admiral Leeta failed to score victories in the prime universe of 2410 and at the Battle of Procyon V in the 26th century, the Emperor of the Terran Empire dispatched the ISS Pastak, ISS Poh and ISS Tempus to intercept the Imperial flagship, the ISS Enterprise, and relief Leeta of her command. Nereda taunted Leeta but lost control of the situation when Leeta used Whetu's prefix code to gain remote control of Pastak's deflector shields. The Enterprise destroyed the Pastak, and the two surviving Mobius-class timeships swore fealty to Admiral Leeta. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "Aftershocks")

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