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For the primary universe counterpart, see USS Sovereign.
For other uses, see Sovereign.

In the mirror universe, the ISS Sovereign (NC-30478) was a Terran Empire starship, a Sovereign-class star cruiser in Imperial Starfleet service in the 25th century. (STO - Call to Arms mission: "Defend the Beta Ursae Sector Block")


The ship bore the yellow markings and NC registry of Captain James O'Brien's resurgent Terran Empire. (STO - Call to Arms mission: "Defend the Beta Ursae Sector Block")

It shard its registry number with the ISS Liebig. (STO - Call to Arms mission: "Tear of the Prophets")

Service history[]

In the year 2409, the Sovereign was part of the Terran invasion fleet harassing Federation ships in the Beta Ursae sector block. It replaced the ISS Noble from a purple-clad Terran Empire. (STO - Call to Arms mission: "Defend the Beta Ursae Sector Block")

The Sovereign was one of the Terran cruisers among a fleet led by the ISS Stadi into attacking a Federation starbase. Federation Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force engaged and repelled the Terrans. (STO - Call to Arms mission: "Mirror Universe Incursion")

Following repeated defeats, the Terran Empire attack the Reman-operated Vauthil Station instead. Obisek also brought in his allies from Starfleet and the KDF to help defend the Reman Resistance station. (STO - The Sphere mission: "Mirror Invasion")

In the same year, O'Brien's Terran Empire ceased incursions, and was replaced by a reality with a prominent Leeta. In this permutation, the ISS Sovereign-C represented the class in combat. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Jabberwocky", STO - New Dawn missions: "Counterpoint", "Mirror Invasion", "Badlands Battlezone")



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