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For other uses, see Stargazer.
For the primary universe counterpart, see USS Stargazer (NCC-2893).

In the mirror universe, the ISS Stargazer (NCC-2893 or ICC-2055) was a Terran Empire Constellation-class starship in service to the Imperial Starfleet during the 24th century. (TNG novel: Dark Mirror, TNG comic: "Mirror Broken")

Service history

Dark Mirror

By the mid-2350s decade, the Stargazer was under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

In the year 2354, Picard sent an away team from the ship to what he knew was a no-win scenario, in which all the members would perish, and picked Jack Crusher to lead it.

On stardate 33070, in 2355, the Stargazer was victorious over the Ferengi at the Battle of Maxia. A few months later, Picard set the Stargazer's auto-destruct systems and evacuated the ship, but his reasons for doing so were not made clear. (TNG novel: Dark Mirror)

Mirror Broken

By the 2360s decade, the Stargazer was under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Despite its age, the ship was not retired due to the collapse of the Terran Empire and the destruction of most of its fleet. The Stargazer spent its time on Solar System duty, helping patrol and enforce what was left of the Empire.

While the Stargazer was escorting a convoy of Vulcan slave ships from Venus to Titan, overseen by Lieutenants Natasha Yar and Reginald Barclay, the Vulcans on board convoy ships five and six rose up and tried to take control. After Barclay helped Yar get a tactical scan on the convoy ships, Yar blew up the ships, killing over a thousand Vulcan slaves on each, as a show of force. Shortly afterwards, Yar was assassinated by Barclay in a ruse set up by Picard. Barclay subsequently took Yar's position as chief of security. (TNG - Mirror Broken comic: "Issue 0")

After the Stargazer had engaged and captured a Galor-class cruiser of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, Picard, along with those members of his crew loyal to him, commandeered the ISS Enterprise-D and stole it from drydock. In response to this, the Stargazer, now under the command of Tryla Scott, was repaired and recrewed, and assigned to a task force, under the command of Walker Keel onboard the Ambassador-class ISS Horatio and along with the New Orleans-class ISS Arnold, sent to recapture the Enterprise. When the task force caught up with the Enterprise, the Galaxy X-class starship was easily able to weather their combined attack and inflict significant damage on the Horatio and the Stargazer in return. However, the engagement was interrupted by the arrival of an Alliance fleet consisting of numerous Galor- and Keldon-class starships, as well as Klingon bird-of-preys. After Gul Danar had the Arnold destroyed in a show of force, the Stargazer engaged the Alliance fleet alongside Horatio and Enterprise. Together, they were successful in driving off the Alliance forces. (TNG - Mirror Broken comics: "Issue 1", "Issue 4", "Issue 5")

Star Trek Timelines

During the temporal anomaly crisis, a version of the Stargazer arrived in the prime universe of 2379. Initially part of the Terran Empire faction, the Stargazer was temporarily commanded by a Federation Starfleet crew, and technologically upgraded. It retained its Terran colors, but did not include the pair of dorsal phaser cannons flanking the bridge. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines)



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