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In the mirror universe, the ISS Vanguard (NC-849968-B) was a Terran Empire starship, a Vanguard-class assault cruiser in Imperial Starfleet service in the early 25th century. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Jabberwocky")

Specifications[edit | edit source]

The ship bore the red markings and NC registry of the resurgent Terran Empire. With six digits, the Vanguard had an unusually high registry number. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Jabberwocky")

History[edit | edit source]

In the year 2409, the Vanguard was part of Captain Leeta's flotilla waiting in the Badlands to prevent an Allied starship from returning the Orb of Possibilities to Vedek Krin on Bajor. The Allies forced Leeta and her fleet into retreat, and exchanged the orb successfully. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Jabberwocky")

In the following years, the Vanguard was part of Imperial and Admiral Leeta's attempts to invade the primary universe. The ship assisted Terok Nor during the attack on Deep Space 9, and joined the fleet attacking the Romulan Republic facility Vauthil Station. (STO missions: "Counterpoint", "Mirror Invasion")

In the Azure Nebula.

The Vanguard was one of the Imperial vessels occasionally summoned through a rift by Tholian Assembly ships. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Azure Nebula Rescue")

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Background[edit | edit source]

  • The registry number is stylised as NC-849968|B on the ship's nacelles.

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