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Ian Galloway was a human male and resident of Tarsus IV in the mid-23rd century.


A friend of Adrian Kodos, Galloway was one of Kodos's strongest supporters. After Kodos was able to engineer his election as Governor, Galloway became Kodos's chief aide.

In 2246, following the murder of 4,000 colonists by Kodos and his followers, Galloway fled with Kodos and the man's other supporters into the hills near the city of New Anchorage.

Galloway died in a firefight with Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca when phaser fire by Lorca hit a box of thermite grenades. Galloway's body had been burned beyond recognition in the resulting fire. As Kodos had earlier switched his genetic records with those of Galloway's, DNA testing showed Galloway's body as being that of Kodos. This led Starfleet to conclude that Kodos had died in a last stand against Starfleet.

Kodos assumed the identity of his former aide. The following year, using the name Ian Galloway, Kodos was able to slip away from Tarsus IV on a transport. Once the transport reached its destination, Kodos disposed of the Galloway identity and assumed the identity of Anton Karidian. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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