The Enterprise crew is locked on a deep freeze planet doomed to disappear into space!


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Log entriesEdit

Captain's log, stardate 20:27.3 
Approaching planet Floe I on special survey assignment for the Federation per Command order F-1221.
Captain's log, stardate 20:27.5 
Lieutenant Uhura and I are being held prisoners by the two leaders of Floe I -- Dr. Krisp and Mr. Spock have vanished! It is clear that Amara and Sunaro intend to do away with the crew and me as soon as Lieutenant Uhura writes a false report about their mad society to the Federation... My only hope is that we manage to fool these tyrants and come out alive... I have lost all communication with the Enterprise!



AmaraJdulaJames T. KirkKrispMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluSunaroNyota Uhuraunnamed Floes

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


FloeFloe I
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Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

FederationStarfleetStarfleet Command

Science and technologyEdit

anti-freeze uniformcomputerglaciationheat-stabilizer tabletmutantmutation serumneutralizer discorbitphaserscannerscramblerstarstar systemtele-radiotransporter

Ranks and titlesEdit

captainchief engineerchief science officercommandercommunications officercounter-leaderdoctorhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commanderscience officer

Other referencesEdit

bagpipescaptain's logcivil wardemocracygovernmentgrasshopelanding partylog entrymusicplanetsciencesecuritystardatetelepathyturtle



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