Idit Kahayn was a female Kornak doctor, and a colonel in the Kornak Armed Forces. She was also a researcher who did experimental work on neural regeneration on primate test subjects, using microelectromechanical machines. Through this work, she discovered a way to link to the minds of these animals, and by extension, the minds of other humanoids.

In 2376, when Doctor Julian Bashir crashed and was stranded on her planet, she treated his injuries, and questioned him as to his origins. She was also pressured by Kornak Security Director Blate to subject him to other medical procedures, in the hope that his unique biology could be the key to successfully applying the mind-linking technology to humanoid subjects. To avoid endangering Bashir, Kahayn slowed down his metabolism and induced a circulatory shutdown.

Idit was romantically involved with a man named Janel, who died sometime prior to 2376. (SCE eBooks: Wounds, Book 1, Wounds, Book 2)

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