Ihazs was a soft spoken but dangerous Takaran who served as the Orion Syndicate boss on Deneva, essentially running the planet. Ihazs employed twin Balduk enforces - Gol and Tuung.

Federation Minister of Military Intelligence Nelino Quafina hired Ihazs to deliver contraband cargo shipments to Tezwa in an attempt to implicate the Tholians in the construction of the nadion-pulse cannons. Ihazs initially refused to take the contract, citing a list of grievances including the Federation not returning a favor the Syndicate performed seven years ago, demanding their ships not be hassled in the core sectors, telling the trade commission to stop pressing the Ferengi to release their banking records, and to give them breathing room on Bajor. After Nelino agreed to the conditions, he was willing to discuss payment; the Federation minister offered ten thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum up front, and the same after the contract was complete; Ihazs offered the services of the Caedera under Captain Trenigar.

After the shipments were discovered by the USS Enterprise-E, the USS Amargosa and USS Musashi intercepted the cargo freighters and impounded them, holding their crew in detention. Captain Jean-Luc Picard questioned the crews; Captain Hatrash of the Cyprus was willing to inform the Starfleet officers that it was Ihazs who organized the cargo deliveries through the Caedera after Captain Teg of the Venezia did not.

With the illegal activities discovered, Picard issued an arrest warrant for the Caedera. Unwilling to allow the crew to be captured and their actions made public, Ihazs ordered Trenigar to scrap the Caedera. The crew was killed by an undercover Section 31 operative, Erovan M'Rill, and the vessel eventually recovered by Starfleet. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

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