Ikat'ika was a Jem'Hadar with the rank of First in the Dominion and was commander of the Jem'Hadar garrison on Internment Camp 371 in the Gamma Quadrant and the base's second-in-command to Vorta Deyos.

Ikat'ika had knowledge of biology and anthropology, but his foremost pleasure was fighting, and wished to help his comrades feel the same (and also educate them about their enemies' tactics) by personally overseeing personal combat between his soldiers and prisoners at the camp (which included survivors from the Obsidian Order-Tal Shiar fleet sent against the Founder Homeworld (including Enabran Tain), Julian Bashir from Deep Space 9, and General Martok, son of Urthog of the Klingon Empire).

Ikat'ika enjoyed fighting the Klingons (who the Jem'Hadar as a whole consider them their Alpha Quadrant counterparts) and personally fought Martok many times, badly injuring him, and eventually maiming Martok by blinding him in one eye. (CCG set: Call to Arms)

In 2373, Elim Garak and Lieutenant Commander Worf were captured by the Dominion fleet heading towards the Bajoran wormhole and were imprisoned at the camp. Ikat'ika, eager to fight the new Klingon detainee, sent wave after wave of his own men against Worf. Worf won every battle, but was critically injured in the fights, but his courage and determination to continue gradually earned Ikat'ika's respect (demonstrating that Jem'Hadar did indeed have a form of honor).

Ikat'ika eventually decided to fight Worf himself. Worf was poised to die from his injuries after a short, yet brutal, engagement, but Ikat'ika recognised that he could never actually win against Worf, and killing him no longer held his interest, so he yielded the match. For defying his order to kill Worf, Deyos ordered Ikat'ika's immediate execution. (DS9 episodes: "In Purgatory's Shadow", "By Inferno's Light")

Martok had a nightmare in 2375 where he dreamed that he faced Ikat'ika once more. (DS9 novel: The Left Hand of Destiny, Book One)

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