In the mirror universe, Commodore Robert April is sent to punish the captain of the ISS Indomitable for his failure to capture a new weapon the Klingons have developed. After dispatching the captain and appointing a new one, April sets off on the ISS Constellation for Donatu V, the site of a Klingon weapons test, in order to find the weapon. After capturing a researcher the Klingons left behind, Sarah April tortures him into revealing that he had sent his data to H'atoria. The Constellation then goes to H'atoria and engages Klingon forces there. The Indomitable joins the battle late and is quickly disabled, forcing Commodore April to take remote control of the ship and ram it into H'atoria, destroying the Klingon research outpost. Later, Sarah tells the commodore he has gone soft and threatens all those he holds dear if he does not follow her orders in the future.



Kisho AkamatsuRobert AprilSarah AprilRan ArmstrongThomas BlairLeslie CollinsCopowyczMalhotraJason McNallyPearsonElizabeth RyckertLorna SimonErin StoneNathan Thorpe
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Hoshi SatoHoshi Sato II

Starships and vehiclesEdit

ISS ConstellationISS IndomitableISS Thermopylae
Referenced only 
USS Defiant


Donatu (Donatu V) • H'atoria

Races and culturesEdit

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States and organizationsEdit

Klingon EmpireImperial StarfleetStarfleet CommandTerran Empire

Ranks and titlesEdit

captaincommandercommodoredoctorEmpress of the Terran Empirefirst officer lieutenantlieutenant commander

Other referencesEdit

antimatteragonizerdaggerdisruptorenergizerkatanaphasershieldtractor beam


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