Illinois State University was an institution of higher learning in the city of Normal, Illinois on Earth, founded in the 19th century.

In late 1970, Aegis agents Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln went undercover at ISU as a professor and student, respectively, to investigate suspicious activity detected by the Beta 5 computer. During this time, Seven came to suspect Professor Eugene Eckhart of unusual activities, and ultimately discovered he and United States Army General Cory were working together to create an army of cloned human soldiers on campus.

At the same time, Lincoln infiltrated the student anti-war movement on campus, and was nearly caught in violent confrontation with the Illinois National Guard during a protest. She later became romantically involved with the student protest leader, Curtis A. Wellborn. (TOS - Star Trek: Assignment: Earth comic: "My Name Is Legion")

The comic uses the name "Illinois State University of Science and Technology," perhaps indicating this is a separate, fictional campus of the state university.

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