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Closeup of Qo'Nos and nearby star systems

The Imperial Klingon Empire was a star chart, an historical reference and artistic portrayal of the Klingon Empire in the year 2266 created by scribe K'tark.


The map was crafted in Klingonese for Lord Chancellor Koval in the year of Kahless 893. Its boundaries disagreed with Federation maps from the period, showing disputed regions as belonging to the Empire.

A copy of the map was among the holdings of the Federation Astronomy Library on Memory Alpha. In 2387, it was published — along with nine others from the Federation's allies, neighbors and enemies — to represent a multifaceted view of known space. The map was described as suggesting a boastful and propagandist perspective. Memory Alpha archivists also released a version of the map translated into galactic standard. (ST reference: Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library)


Within Klingon territory

AmarArdanaB'MothB'relBalduk systemBeta LankalBeta Penthe (Rura Penthe) • Beta ThoridorBoreth systemBortas systemBrestantBurukCursaDonatuEpsilon HydraeGamma EridonGanaldaGorath systemGr'othGre'thor systemH'atoriaHaleeHegh'taHor-chaIkaliaK't'ingaK'VortKlothosKorinarKriosM'CharMaht-H'aMarangaMempaMorska systemN'YengorenNarendraNegh'varNo'matOgatOrganiaP'rangPhebenQo'Nos (Praxis) • Q'Tahl systemQu'Vat systemRotarranSomraw systemSorna PrimeT'acogT'ghaT'ongTiburonTikaToh'kahtTornaToronTribble PrimeTy'GokorVor'chaVor'nakVornY'temYa'Vang

Outside Klingon territory

AjilonAlawanir NebulaAmargosaBelletrixBeta RigelBetreka NebulaCanopusCestusDoralaDavlosForcasGaldonterreKessikKhitomerKlach D'Kel Brakt (Briar Patch) • Lembatta ClusterRegulusRenaviRisaSherman's PlanetSon'aTellarTranome SarValtVulcanXarantineYridia