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After retrieving a 23rd century prime universe starship from a Tholian drydock, the crew of the ISS Enterprise are accidentally stranded aboard this ship. While T'Pol and Soval attempt to garner the ship for the good of the Rebellion, Captain Jonathan Archer uses his newfound weapon to organise a coup of the Terran Empire.



Part I characters[]

Jonathan Archer (mirror)C. Black (mirror)Thomas BlairV. Brown (mirror)Zefram Cochrane (mirror)Maximilian ForrestE. Hamboyan (mirror)Travis Mayweather (mirror)T. Palmer (mirror)Phlox (mirror)Porthos (mirror)Malcolm Reed (mirror)M. RomeroHoshi Sato (mirror)Solkar (mirror)T'Pol (mirror)TerevCharles Tucker III (mirror)Warren Woods (mirror)

Part II characters[]

Jonathan Archer (mirror)Gregory Black (mirror)V. Brown (mirror)D'VelaWilliam GardnerE. Hamboyan (mirror)Kelby (mirror)Matthew Kelly (mirror)Travis Mayweather (mirror)B. Moreno (mirror)Phlox (mirror)Malcolm Reed (mirror)Hoshi Sato (mirror)Brennan Scott (mirror)SlarSoval (mirror)T'Pol (mirror)Charles Tucker III (mirror)

Starships and vehicles[]

ISS Enterprise (NX-class) • USS Defiant (Constitution-class) • ISS Avenger (NX-class) • T'Plana-Hath (T'Plana-Hath-class) • Kumari-classD'Kyr-class


EarthGamma Trianguli sectorVintaak system

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

Terran EmpireMACOImperial Starfleet

Other references[]

Mirror universeTholian web



Notable cast and crew[]



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