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From the back cover:

Delicate peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire become complicated when Captain Kirk discovers that Starfleet prisoners of war are being held captive on a remote jungle planet. Now, with the unexpected assistance of an old adversary, Kirk embarks on a daring rescue mission, knowing that if he fails, the Federation will deny all knowledge of his intentions.

But powerful forces within the Klingon government are determined to keep the shameful secret of the hostages' existence, even if it means obliterating every last trace of the prisoners -- and anyone who comes to save them!



Ag'helRobert BennettPavel ChekovClevBrian ConnorsDorthanSydney ElliotCheryl FlodinStephen GarrovickGralevJardakCatherine JoquelJ'rganKaljaghRobert KawaguchiKhulrJames T. KirkK'lavutK'lotekKolothKomorKoraxK'tranK'vyrK'zeqLariaLeGereLortaLeonard McCoyRa MhvloviMoqlahMurghLinda ParkerScarfaceMontgomery ScottSinakSpockHikaru SuluToladalTorethTrelNyota Uhura * unnamed Tellarite
Referenced only
Robert AprilJonathan ArcherRandall BirdFek'lhrStephen GarrovickAnne GarrovickGarthGorkonKahless the UnforgettableKangKeshKlaaKorKorrdKrugeAbraham LincolnDavid MarcusMolorMorathSaavikSurakSybokTaggartTrelaneYarnek

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-AUSS Gagarin (Oberth-class) • IKS Gal'taghIKS Gr'othUSS ProtectorIKS TerthosIKS Vo'taq (K'tinga-class) • IKS Zan'zi
Referenced only
USS BozemanIKS DevisorUSS ExcelsiorUSS Farragut


Don'zali IVGreat HallJlinzegh' provinceKlingon Neutral ZoneNuvidula IVPao'laStarbase 49
Referenced only
ArgeliusBoreth MonasteryDeep Space Station K-7El CapitanGenesis PlanetGre'thorJanus VIMarsNimbus IIIParadise CitySha Ka ReeShangri-LaSherman's PlanetSto-Vo-KorTycho IVTyphon ExpanseYosemite National Park

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Federation CouncilKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet Research and DevelopmentStarfleet Security SchoolUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

anti-gravity bootsbat'lethbloodwineChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon EmpireDegebian mountain goatdilithiumEartherflugaghHegh'batjungleKtarian eggslaser drillnaghplexisteelqelI'qamQo'leghracquetballRetinax 5Saurian brandyscotchStarfleet Chief of Staffstun batonthermoconcretetractor beamtransport inhibitortribbletri-ox compoundtrititanium


This novel suggests the reason for the change in appearance of Klingon characters such as Koloth, from smooth to ridged foreheads, is in reaction to a renewed importance in Klingon society on the teachings of Kahless during the movie era. Thus, Klingons wishing to show their reverence for Kahless somehow obtain the physical feature Kahless himself displayed. The exact details are left vague, and are not inconsistent with later canonical revelations in Star Trek: Enterprise.

This is the 97th and final numbered Star Trek: The Original Series novel from Pocket Books, ending a series dating back to 1979. After this point, all further TOS-based novels are unnumbered.


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