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With Starfleet losses mounting and Betazed being conquered by the Dominion, Sisko and Garak work together to bring the Romulans into the Dominion War.




Julian BashirCorat Damar (hologram)Jadzia DaxElim GarakKira NerysM'PellaNavokOdoParthokQuarkBenjamin SiskoGrathon TolarMerken VreenakWeyoun (hologram)Worf, son of Mogh
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Margaret C. ClarkColiusDukatGowronNeralJoseph SiskoMaria TataliaTora ZiyalAlan M. KobayashiAlice GinsburgAnn FloodBarbara CovingtonBeverly KurtsCurt DanhauserDavid NemzekDonna NemzekDorit ObermanDorothy DuderEdith AlfaroElizabeth BraswellFaith LevesconteGrace KenneyHarry BrandJay LapradeJohn FredricksonJon MonsonKathy LeprichKathy McCammonKurt HansenLarry OhlsonLaura DerrLeslie WongLester LevesconteLori OberschevenMargaret C. ClarkMarian McAllumMatata KimyaMindy LongMitchell GreenMonico AguayoNancy OhlsonPaul LawrencePenny JudayPhillip JacobsonRichard B. BarnettRick BittleRose LimliRuss EnglishSandy HolstShirley BrandTeri HansenTerry ErdmannTom Mahoney


Alpha QuadrantDeep Space 9Garak's ClothiersHabitat ringLanding padOperations centerPromenadeQuark'sStation commander's officeWardroom
Referenced only 
Alpha CentauriAndorBetazedCardassiaDominion HeadquartersGlintara sectorKalandra sectorRomulusSoukaraRomulan Neutral ZoneTellarVulcanStarbase 129Starbase 153


Danube-class runaboutRIS D'era (Romulan shuttle)
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USS AkagiUSS CairoUSS ClementUSS CochraneUSS ExeterUSS RepulseUSS NobelUSS SarajevoUSS TecumsehUSS TripoliUSS VictoryUSS WyomingUSS Zapata

Races and culturess[]

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States and Organizations[]

Bajoran MilitiaCardassian UnionDominionFederation AllianceRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetTal ShiarUnited Federation of Planets
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Cardassian 4th OrderFoundersKlingon EmpireObsidian OrderRomulan SenateStarfleet 10th FleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet MedicalWar Plans Council


biogenic weaponbio-mimetic gelcasualty reportChairman of the Tal Shiarcloaking devicedaboDominion WarEmissary of the ProphetsFerengi Rules of Acquisitionhellkali-falhologramholosuiteInternational Space Stationlatinumnon-aggression pactOptolythic data rodOrion slave girlPADDpersonal logplanetary defense systemPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpireproconsulreplicatorScotch whiskysenatorstardatetransporterWhelan Bitters


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