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Inception is a Star Trek: The Original Series novel by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison, published by Pocket Books in 2010. The book tells a story featuring James T. Kirk, Carol Marcus, Spock and Leila Kalomi early in their careers.

Publisher's description

From the back cover
As man expands beyond explored space, the need to find a way to make inhospitable planets hospitable grows greater. One young biologist, Carol Marcus, has a project that she is convinced can reshape planets. She puts together a team of young, committed scientists who dare to dream as she does: of a Federation remade so hunger is eradicated, where every world can be reshaped into a paradise. The belief that all things are possible, that man can strive to conquer space not with force but with science, is shared by James Kirk, a young Starfleet officer and her lover.
Leila Kalomi, a renowned botanist, is looking for a new direction. After hearing about Marcus's project, she applies for a position. She finds Carol's passion contagious, and a chance encounter with the Enterprise's science officer, Spock, convinces her to join Project: Inception.
Four people just trying to find the balance between their careers and their personal lives, trying to make the right choice not just for themselves but for the betterment of all mankind. The choices they make will rewrite the history of the Federation and change forever how man explores space.


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AlmanzaPhilip BoyceDon ByersTom CadyJohn CarringtonJ. Mia ColtRichard DachmesBernard EllroyTamara IrwinLeila KalomiJessica KentThaddeus KentJames T. KirkBen MacCreadyCarol MarcusAlvin ReppertonEmily RushePreston SadlerAlison SimhbibSpockJosh SwansonTroy VerneTeague Williamson
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Lillian AntonyGeorge IlesGary MitchellChristopher PikeSarekAlan ScotsSurak


BostonEarthMarsTharsis MontesUtopia Planitia stationValles Marineris
Referenced only
Argelius IIAxanarBerengaria VIIIoManark IVTa'utre VIIVoroth Sea

Starships and vehicles

USS Aloia (Miranda-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Mizuki (Cochrane-class)

Races and cultures

Human (Martian) • Vulcan

States and organizations

Federation Science CouncilKraden Interplanetary ResearchRedpeaceStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsWhole Earth

Science and technology

acidairlockaudio feedbotanycancercentimeterchemicalchlorobicrobecomputercross-pollinationdeuteriumdiagnosticsdilithiumforce fieldforce field density meterfructosegenusgravityhearthovercamhydrazineiridiummainframemonitornetlink monitornitrilinoxygenpectinpermafrostphelistiumrhodiumscreensensor bugspacestomachtimetractor beamtransporter

Ranks and titles

biologistbotanistdoctorgrad studentnet reporterofficerpublic relations execreporterresearchersalesmanscientist

Other references

apartmentapplebeaverBerengaria dragonBuddhismcommunications stationdaydomeemotionfoodfruitFundamental Declarations of the Martian Coloniesgraduate thesis projectKatra-Ut-Balalaboratorylogicmalus domesticaMartian Revolutionmemsha'rupplanetpodiumpress conferencePrime DirectivereportTime of Awakeningseedsuittreeuniformuniversityyear


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