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Publisher's description

Like the twisted strands of mutant chromosomes, an insidious alien conspiracy winds its way through the entire Alpha Quadrant, just as it stretches across several years of Starfleet history -- beginning near the very start of Captain Picard's command of the Starship Enterprise!

It is only the first year of the USS Enterprise-D's ongoing mission when a virulent epidemic strikes the populace of Archaria III, endangering the lives of thousands and provoking acts of mob violence against those believed responsible for the spread of the disease. While Data and Natasha Yar team up to uncover the true origins of the virus, Dr. Crusher finds that the implacable sickness resists all her efforts to find a cure. The desperate quest for a cure becomes even more urgent when Deanna Troi succumbs to the dreaded plague... again and again.



AndersBarranCherbachClarkeCraneBeverly CrusherClarence DarlingDataDetekJenni DricksCharles EhrhartThe GeneralGormanHabbibIcolahKirk JordanKarqqKrotGeordi La ForgeIan McCloudNewkirkNormanMiles O'BrienMacus OnetreeBrother PaulJean-Luc PicardWilliam RikerSchultzArmand SekkSkallSmithSolackSolomonBenjamin SpencerIan TangBerke TeagueJoshua TeagueDeanna TroiJules van OsterlichFather VeritasWorfWrennNatasha Yar
Referenced only
Bili BellerJack CrusherWesley CrusherEdmund DeereDraculaDavid DricksDerek DricksJason DricksThomas DricksVera DricksJohn GlennGodSilas JonesNeelamDenny SekkDerek SekkEric SekkMira SekkRobin SekkT'PonaTr'grxl-gn'taZedeker


Alpha QuadrantArcharia IIIArcho CityArcho City HospitalArcho City LibraryArcho City SpaceportDelosStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Headquarters
Referenced only
CardassiaEarthFerenginarFarpointGentreeKra'togh IVLomaxParvo IVRigel ColonyRisaStarbase 40

Starships and vehicles

aircarUSS Constitution (Galaxy-class explorer) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer) • Event Horizon (T'Poy-class) • Falcon's TalonHalibutHemlockJunco JettKlingon freighterLangleyMiddlemarchNesfaPaladiumplanet-hopperPrax cruiserPrushnikovtruck
Referenced only
Alpha QueenAspenBelgradeBrillman's DreamZythal's Revenge

Races and cultures

BetazoidBolianHuman (ArcharianRoman) • KlingonPeladianVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

The BrotherhoodPurity LeagueStarfleetTeague Luxury AircarsUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Clayton-Dvorak ConsortiumHouse of MokInterstellar Corn and Grain CombineOrion Syndicate

Science and technology

AIDSantiviral drugbiobedbiofilterbloodblood samplecancerchronometercomatosecombadgecomm unitcomputercontainment fieldcontamination suitdata padddatabasedioxymosis converter (F)disruptorendochronic thiotimoline pumpfollicle stimulatorhourlevel-1 containment fieldlifeformmagnetic lockmattermedical computermedical tricordermicroscannerminutemonitormotorized cartnanotechnologynuclear missileNXA protein strandorbitparticlepentium xolinatephase resonance detectorphaserphaser rifleplaguePlimpton's diseasepolioprionreplicatorRhulian flusecurity scramblerskullstarshipStigman's diseasesubspace transmittersubviral particletactical nuclear missilethermo-entogram modulator B-6throattimetransportertransporter bufferTricillin PDFtricorderturboliftvirusxenobiology

Ranks and titles

body processorcaptaindoctorensigngeneralgovernorjanitornurseofficerpeace officerprisonersecurity officersoldier

Other references

access codeastrometricsbackwaterbeach housebeardbenchblood winebootbreakfastbridgecatcallcitycorridorcupcurfewdiagramDouble Bergamot Earl GreyduracretedurasteelempathyexecutionHamlethelmethospitalidentification tagkeylionmek'lethmelonmixermoonmorguenightmarenoroidpigeonplanetpocketprejudicequarantineracismRomulan clamSaurian brandysickbayslangsockSondarian fretsurvival testteateleportationterrorismTrojan horsewaterweekyear


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