Ingrid McRobb in 2365.

Ingrid McRobb was a human female, the wife of James McRobb and a resident of the USS Enterprise-D in 2365.

Soon after transferring to the Enterprise, James was worried that he would not be able to be the pioneer that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather (all starship captains) had been. Ingrid cheered her husband up by pointing out that in the 24th century what Starfleet really needed was smart sensitive men like McRobb and not swashbucklers like his ancestors. (TNG comic: "Murder, Most Foul")

While James was on an away mission aboard an apparently derelict ship, the ship came to life, trapping him on board. When Ingrid confronted Lieutenant Commander Data to ask him about the situation, Data told her that the ship was eluding them, they could not transport the team back, and that essentially there was nothing that they could do. The thought of losing James caused Ingrid to faint in Data's arms. After James saved the rest of the crew on the away mission, he returned to the Enterprise a hero. (TNG comic: "The Hero Factor")

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