The Inmate Security and Information System (I.S.I.S.) was an advanced computer system developed by the United Federation of Planets by the early 25th century. It was installed at the Facility 4028 prison where it was responsible for maintaining the prisoners incarcerated within it. I.S.I.S. included a hologram projection system that produced photonic personnel including guards as well as a supervisor called The Warden. The system consisted of a primary core and a backup secondary one. Its database included a list of information on the inmates present within the prison.

In 2409, a Starfleet officer arrived at the Facility 4028 prison in order to consult with the Female Changeling. During this time, the Jem'hadar under the command of Kar'ukan beamed into the prison where they revolted against the Founder. The act knocked out the primary core leading to a deactivation of the photonic personnel and allowed for a prison riot to take place. Starfleet personnel were vital in activating the secondary core and combated the riot where they had the option of using non-lethal means of site-to-site transporter tags to transport prisoners into their cells or terminate them.

Once defeated, the primary core for I.S.I.S. was restored that allowed the Warden to manifest who began to bring the prison back in order. (STO mission: "Facility 4028")

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