Inna Murent was the Admiral in charge of the Endtree naval forces and commander of the flagship Haeys during and following the Perikia rebellion against the Lerrit.

Inna was a short, stout woman with salt-and-pepper hair severely tied back and braided. Even on solid ground, she tended to firmly grip the nearest surface due to her sea-faring heritage. Inna was also a devout follower of the Prophets, crediting any successes in battle to Their will.

Inna and the Endtree Navy had agreed to assist the Perikian rebels due to high shipping tariffs. Following the rebel's successes, Inna was initially hesitant to commit her fleet to protecting the port and sea in the absence of a Perikian naval force. An agreement was eventually reached, and Inna remained on station at Natlar Port, liaising with Torrna Antosso, who found her to be efficient yet merciful and effective without being unnecessarily brutal.

During the renewed aggression of the Lerrit against the Perikians and Endtree, Inna led a convoy of ships to the Kendra Valley River in an attempt to cut off the Bajora's supply lines. When the Lerrit Navy launched their entire forces to destroy Natlar Port, Admiral Inna returned to lead the battle, and was killed in action. (DS9 short story: "Horn and Ivory")

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